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Our Service

GLOBAL UNION EXPRESS cares and closely handles customer’s journey using international standards, assured by more than 50 experienced members of staff.

Travel Management Service for Corporate Customers

We are proficient in managing and seeking the best travel options for organizations with our comprehensive range of products that genuinely fulfill customer requirements. Starting from studying customer’s needs and goals, we are keen to work closely together in line with the company’s travel policy. We attend to customer’s journey every step of the way, ranging from offering options, providing suggestion, evaluating and planning itinerary to producing useful reports, respecting to efficiently achieve the organization’s goals.

Issuance of air tickets for small air ticket agents or tour companies

Beside corporate clients, who are our key customers, we are also a major air ticket agent. We issue air tickets for small flight agency and tour companies across Thailand. Our professional team of staff members can precisely reserve seats and issue air tickets for group and individual travelers. Operating on Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo software, our reservation service is powered by the Auto-ticketing system to ensure customers of total convenience.

We serve as Travel Call Centre/ Travel Service Fulfilment for our partners

One of our departments was dedicated to serve as Travel Call Centre/ Travel Service Fulfilment for our business partners who seek enhanced convenience and value for their key products in order to serve their own customers better. With our comprehensive line of services, our team of staff will serve as the co-ordinator who professionally work with customers by providing them information, answering their needs and solving problems for travelers.

We provide travel services for individual customers

With our one-stop travel services, each of your journey is convenient and worthwhile. To answer your travel needs, we assist you right from issuing air tickets, reserving accommodation, designing itinerary, recommending attraction sites and providing suggestion relevant to travelling for all travelers, side by side with assuring optimum benefits for you.

We provide travel services for leading organizations across the country

Travel management service for corporate clients

We provide travel services to leading organizations across Thailand


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